How to deal with the White House’s constant distractions

Washington, D.C. — The president of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday accused the White, House and Senate Democratic leadership of using a secretive and unelected executive branch to push a partisan agenda.Sen. Dianne Feinstein Dianne Emiel FeinsteinGrassley to Trump: Stop pressuring me on Russia probe Feinstein calls for probe into ‘unprecedented bias’ in Kavanaugh investigation MORE (D-Calif.) said she […]

How to upgrade your speaker grill

The moxie speaker grill is a versatile speaker grill.It’s also a very cheap way to add some extra height to your room.The idea behind the moxies is that it gives you the extra height you need for a great sound system.And that’s why we’ve included a few tips on how to upgrade the grill on your next speaker.If you’re looking […]

Why you should be buying a speaker for your home

You might have noticed that the most expensive speaker you can buy right now is the Bose HomeSpeaker.It’s a $2,399,000 speaker that’s got the highest price-to-watt ratio in the market, but it’s the speaker that most people are buying.And that’s because you’re spending more than you should on the speaker, and you’re getting the worst sound quality.Here’s why you should […]

Samsung’s next $1 trillion wireless speaker will use a “new generation of speaker amp technology” to boost sound quality

Samsung is betting on wireless speakers, but it’s starting with something a little more subtle than a cheap speaker.The Samsung Bluetooth speaker announced on Tuesday features a special “sound enhancement” chip that can boost sound by up to 50%, according to a Samsung spokesperson.That’s the same type of technology found in Bluetooth speakers that are now in high-end Apple products […]

Why the Trump-Pence administration is still in a state of shock over Russia

The Trump administration is reeling from a surprise report Thursday that the Trump team had in fact received information from a Kremlin-connected Russian bank that might be used to hack the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email account.Sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News the Trump administration has no idea whether that information came […]

Which speaker you should buy if you need a Bluetooth speaker?

You don’t need a fancy Bluetooth speaker.In fact, it’s likely you’ll never need one.Instead, you should choose a portable Bluetooth speaker if you want to get creative with your audio setup.A speaker that can fit in your backpack and can work anywhere with an internet connection.A cheap speaker that has good sound quality and doesn’t require too much space.A portable […]

Why are you paying more for food?

A study by the consumer group FairPrice found that shoppers are paying a premium of 15% to 25% for foods in the US, which includes items like pasta and cheese, over the past year.The study found that the average price for those items increased by a whopping 25% over the previous year, with some items, like pasta, going up to […]

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