How to get your speakers working with your phone

We’re going to start by telling you how to set up a speaker wall mount on your iPhone, and then show you how you can get your phone to talk to your speakers.The speaker mount isn’t the most important part of your iPhone’s sound setup, but it’s the most straightforward and easy one.First, you’ll need to download and install the […]

Stereo speaker for $5.99 on

When it comes to the best speakers out there, the Sport Bible is definitely a close runner-up.It offers the same stereo speakers you’ve been looking for but also comes with a number of extra bells and whistles, including a Bluetooth headset, speaker wall mounts, and a power supply.The Sport speakers have an estimated lifespan of about five years, but that’s […]

Google Home speaker wall mounts

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How to make a pillow speaker

From the cover: What does a pillow talk about?The pillow is a versatile speaker.It can also act as a book, as well as a chair or desk.How to get started A pillow speaker can be a real boon for a studio or home recording space.A speaker that can stand up on its own, as a wall mount or a pillow […]