What to know about the new Bluetooth speaker connectors

Bluetooth speakers, also known as Bluetooth headsets, have become an integral part of your home and office for a number of reasons.While you may have heard of some, there’s more than one brand of Bluetooth speaker, which can be found in various models.Here’s everything you need to know to pick the right Bluetooth speaker for you.1.What is Bluetooth?Bluetooth stands for […]

How to fix speaker wire issue with Bluetooth speaker

How to repair speaker wire on a Bluetooth speaker?The problem is most often caused by faulty connectors and/or an overheating speaker.We’re here to help fix it.How do you fix speaker wires?1.Remove speaker wires and replace wire terminals.Remove the wire from the speaker.The wires will look a bit like these, and they’re pretty easy to identify: 2.Remove your battery.If the battery […]