How to make a blue light speaker

New York magazine is calling the power of the Bluetooth speaker “a very good thing.”It’s just that the blue light is only the tip of the iceberg, says the magazine.Bluetooth speakers, the article argues, are not only more convenient than their Bluetooth counterparts, but also have more advanced technology that makes them more powerful than their traditional counterparts.The Bluetooth speaker […]

Why Bose’s bluetooth speakers are so bad

This is the second article in a two-part series on the Bluetooth speaker industry.Read part one here.Read Part One: The Problem With Bluetooth Speaker ReviewsRead Part Two: Why Bous’ Bluetooth speakers are So BadThe bluetooth audio quality and audio performance of these speaker systems can be surprisingly poor, according to consumer reviews.But what makes this so bad is that many […]

When a company uses hypotheticallyspeaking, it means that the company is using its best guess as to how a customer might react to the product.

Boom 3 speaker Google’s newest speaker has been a big hit in the home theater market.The speakers use the same technology as Apple’s HomePod speakers, but the speakers are smaller and feature a much thinner design.You can buy the Boom 3 for $499.You also can order one for as low as $299.Google also offers a Google Home Mini speaker, which […]

I’ve got a speaker for all! This

needs to be updated with more information article title My first speaker for Hypothetically Speaking article title You may not have realized it, but you can get an all-in-one speaker for just $99!article title Get an all in one speaker for $99 with the Klipsch Center Speaker!article text READ MORE