When will you get your Bose speakers?

This week, the German magazine Stern reported that the company is making an announcement on Wednesday that it is to build a speaker that is actually a subwoofer.The German company is also working on a speaker with a built-in amp, and this speaker could possibly be a sub.However, the speaker is likely to be a small, unassuming speaker that has […]

How to get rid of your phone’s battery in just a few steps

If you’ve been reading this article in the past month, you’re probably thinking, ‘This is an easy fix.’But it’s not.And if you’re still thinking it’s going to work, you’d be wrong.┬áIt’s going, well, wrong.If you’re using the Bose wireless speakers, you’ve probably heard that one.That’s because they’re one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.They’re also one of their […]

Bose, Wireless Speaker to Bring Its ‘VoiceBubble’ To Apple Watch

On Thursday, Bose announced that it has acquired a major player in the wireless speaker market with the acquisition of the $1 billion company Bose Technologies.The acquisition, which includes its $1.1 billion acquisition of speaker maker AudioTechnica, comes after years of competition with other wireless speakers on the market, including Samsung and Amazon, according to Bloomberg.Bose says that it will […]

How to find the best speaker system

Best speakers systems in Europe and North America can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on the type of speakers you want, but the best ones tend to cost less than the ones with built-in speakers.Here are our picks for the best speakers in Europe, North America and other countries around the world.