When the price of water starts to drop, so do the water quality

I recently wrote about the ongoing water crisis in the UK.It’s hard to argue with the conclusions.┬áThe country is running out of water and the situation is becoming increasingly dire.But this article isn’t about the UK’s water situation.The issue is how to pay for water in the face of a shortage of resources.The UK’s economy is dependent on water and […]

BlackWeb party speaker: The new wave of speakers has the perfect mix of style and tech

By Sarah ParnassBlackWebPartySpeaker is the latest speaker to take a stand against the tech-centric trends that have become so dominant in recent years.It’s an impressive product that boasts a pair of 5.5″ and 7″ displays with a touch screen and is powered by a 10-speaker, 20-ohm speaker system.It costs $1,499.50, a steal considering it’s just $100 less than the $1.3K […]