How to deal with the White House’s constant distractions

Washington, D.C. — The president of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday accused the White, House and Senate Democratic leadership of using a secretive and unelected executive branch to push a partisan agenda.Sen. Dianne Feinstein Dianne Emiel FeinsteinGrassley to Trump: Stop pressuring me on Russia probe Feinstein calls for probe into ‘unprecedented bias’ in Kavanaugh investigation MORE (D-Calif.) said she […]

How to upgrade your speaker grill

The moxie speaker grill is a versatile speaker grill.It’s also a very cheap way to add some extra height to your room.The idea behind the moxies is that it gives you the extra height you need for a great sound system.And that’s why we’ve included a few tips on how to upgrade the grill on your next speaker.If you’re looking […]

Why the Trump administration should not be surprised by Trump’s Twitter outburst

The Trump administration is now considering the possibility of banning all Twitter accounts belonging to the President, including those belonging to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, a report in Politico on Tuesday revealed.The decision would effectively eliminate Bannon from the administration.The ban is reportedly being weighed by the administration and could be announced as early as next week.The […]

BTS opens for ‘Til the Sun Rises’ at SXSW

BTS is opening for “Til The Sun Rizes,” a new South Korean pop/pop hybrid featuring the group’s members and their guest vocalist.“Till The Sun Rise” will be BTS’ second SXSW performance, following their first performance at SXSXVII in March.The concert will be broadcast live on Sunday, September 19 at 8 p.m.ET/PT.The group has collaborated with rapper, producer, and producer-songwriter Kyungsoo […]

Speaker says Trump speaks tonight: ‘We’re gonna win’

Trump spoke tonight to reporters at the White House, saying he had “great news” and a “great message” to deliver.“Great news, a great message.Thank you,” Trump said.”I think I’ll do a speech tonight, just like I did in the past.I think we’ll win.I’m confident in the American people,” he said.Trump, who had been scheduled to address a joint session of […]

Which speaker is best for the office?

Speaker costs have been trending upward, but for many people, the biggest investment can be making their own speaker.As more people spend money on speakers, there’s more demand for more affordable alternatives.If you’re looking to get a speaker that can match the sound quality of a full-size desktop computer, here’s what you need to know.If your budget is tight, you […]

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