We’ve Got the World’s First Knockerbot, Now How Does It Work?

We’ve Got the World’s First Knockerbot, Now How Does It Work?

The world’s first knockerbot has been unveiled by MTV News in an exclusive interview with the man behind the project.

The robot, called “The Robot King,” is a small, lightweight machine designed to knock people out, but not kill them.

It’s a device that will be able to be placed anywhere in the house, and the only reason the robot has to knock someone out is because the homeowner is “in the zone.”

The robot will be made by a startup called Robotic Labs.

The company, which also developed the robotic vacuum cleaner, has a Kickstarter campaign underway, and will go on sale in October.

Its goal is to raise $100,000 for the first robot that can knock people unconscious.

Robotic Labs says its robot has “an incredibly wide range of motion” and is able to hit people with a force of 1.5 tons, according to its Kickstarter page.

“Our goal is for the Robot King to become an important tool in our homes,” Robotic Lab CEO and cofounder Ryan Waddell told MTV News.

The Kickstarter campaign is only one of several Robotic labs has launched.

In the past year, the company has developed the first knockers, which can knock the top of the head of an attacker.

And last year, Robotic announced a “smart home” device that monitors and adjusts the temperature of the house.

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