How Trump will be remembered for his inaugural address

A pair of pillow speakers that Trump will use to honor him in his first major speech, as well as a speaker and an elevator, were unveiled Monday at his inauguration ceremony.

Trump will also announce a new public school in the White House’s new West Wing that will serve students of all backgrounds.

Trump said during the inaugural address that the new school will “give every child a great education, and it will make all of our children free and safe.”

He said that students in the new high school will be given “a world-class education that is rooted in the American values that we hold dear, and in the belief that a nation is built on the foundation of the American family.”

The Trump family also plans to announce a $50 million initiative for public schools.

Trump said during his speech that it will allow the public schools to offer “a more inclusive, transparent and innovative curriculum that brings the best ideas to the classroom, while preserving the values that made America great.”

The inaugural ceremony will also include a performance by comedian, actor and Trump supporter Patton Oswalt.

Trump tweeted a photo of himself with Oswalt and said that “you are the best comedian in America right now.”

Trump said he has been working with the actor for several months to make the new West W.W.W., which he calls a “safe space” for his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, and that he will be introducing his daughter to his wife Ivanka.

During the speech, Trump also called for the “destruction of ISIS” and pledged to take action against the opioid crisis that is ravaging the nation.

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