How to avoid the ‘buzzkill’ of Trump: Why Speaker Pelosi can’t be bought

How to avoid the ‘buzzkill’ of Trump: Why Speaker Pelosi can’t be bought

On Wednesday, the House speaker was asked what her plan for dealing with President Donald Trump would be.

Her answer?

“The president is a bully.

He is a bully, I’m not going to be bullied by him.

He’s a bully.

I am not going down the street and saying, ‘Mr. President, you’re a bully.’

He’s not going into the back of the line.

We’re going to find the real bully, the real villain, and that’s him.”

The president’s bullying, Pelosi said, “is not bullying.”

She added that the president’s tweet calling Pelosi a “so-called” “Democrat” was “absolutely not bullying,” and added that she was not going “to be bullied.”

Pelosi, however, added that Trump “is a bully.” 

In a speech on Thursday, she also reiterated that her message will be one of “unity.”

“We are going to come together and say, ‘We are not going back, we are not backing down, we will stand with you,’ and we will fight for our families,” Pelosi said. 

“I am not a political hack, but I will be the person who is going to deliver the message of unity,” she added. 

In other words, the speaker is going around telling her supporters to go vote for her, and then calling them when they don’t.

The irony here is that she is now saying she’ll not stand up to the president, but she’s going to pretend she is going up to him.

That’s how you get a “bully.”

In response to Trump’s attack, Pelosi told a group of Republican senators on Wednesday that he “is trying to create chaos and chaos in the country.”

She continued: “He is trying to divide the country, and he is trying that to divide us.”

The Speaker also defended Trump’s Twitter attack against her, telling reporters that the tweets were “not intended to be a threat.”

“I don’t think he would say that if he was actually a bully,” Pelosi told reporters.

“I think he has great compassion for people.”

“What I will say is that I think he’s a man of great character, he has tremendous integrity, he is a real patriot and I respect him for it.”

Pelosi added, “But what I don’t like about him is the kind of things that he’s saying and the kind with which he’s making them.”

Trump also made it clear on Wednesday evening that he would continue to “defend” Pelosi.

“He wants to divide America,” Trump said.

“He wants people to hate us, they hate him, they don`t want to work with him.

But he’s not gonna get his way.

I can tell you that.

I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it.””

And I’ll tell you this: The president is the one who’s going around saying, we’re not going out the back door,” Pelosi added.

“We are gonna find the REAL bully, and the real monster.”

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