Trump: I’ll pay for border wall by ‘taking care of the people who are hurting’

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he would use the proceeds of his border wall to pay for it.

In a series of tweets, the president suggested that the cost of his wall would come out of his own pocket and that it would be paid for with tax cuts.

“Mexico is sending billions of dollars to the U.S. in drug money, and I would like to pay them back with interest,” Trump wrote.

“I have a great idea to build a great wall on the southern border, and if Mexico doesn’t pay, I will build it for a pittance!”

The wall, which Trump has proposed building along the U-Haul-to-Mexico border, has faced stiff opposition from Democrats and Republicans.

The White House has also said that Mexico will be footing the bill for the wall if it doesn’t meet its $1.6 billion payment.

“I will not build a wall on our southern border until Mexico pays for it with tax breaks, including for infrastructure, jobs and border security,” Trump said.

“We can make a deal, but it must include a border tax.”