What are you afraid of? I was told I was too young to read, but I’m not scared of anything!

What are you afraid of? I was told I was too young to read, but I’m not scared of anything!

I was 12 when I first started writing in Australia, and at 16 I wrote a story about a man who had been abducted by aliens and ended up being held in a secret military facility for the rest of his life.

It was one of my first attempts at writing a book, and I think it was the only book I ever wrote.

And it was a huge success, so I was thrilled.

I was in my late teens when I started to get really into science fiction and fantasy.

It felt like an exciting time to be a young writer.

But then I started getting more into politics and more into writing.

I didn’t like it at all, and when I was doing that it was getting harder and harder to make a living.

So in 2010, I decided to leave school and pursue something I thought I could really enjoy.

I thought it would be something really unique, and really fun.

It’s been a really long road, but one that I’ve been very lucky to get to enjoy.

One of the things I’ve learnt about writing is that it’s not really about how many words you put in.

It really is about how much you put into it.

If you put a lot into writing it will last for years and years and then it will end.

And you’ll be like, ‘Oh, God, I didn.

I could have done something else.’

And then you’ll get a few good ideas for a book and you’ll feel like, Oh, that was so good.’

You can’t really write to sell a book.

You can only write to inspire.

And I’ve learned that the best writing happens when you’re just doing something for the joy of it, not because you’re trying to sell anything.

And then the end of the journey comes.

I’d never really been a writer before, but when I found I could write, I started thinking, ‘What’s next?

How do I make something interesting and new and exciting?’

I don’t want to make any money.

I don.

I think if I did make money I’d do it because I think that it would make me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.

I’ve really been enjoying the journey.

I enjoy being part of this new world that I’m creating, and also being part the team of writers that I work with and who I’m working with.

I have some really great friends in Australia and in America, and the writers I’m writing for are all very talented and I’m very happy with what I’ve done.

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