Trump speaks at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration, voting rights

Trump speaks at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration, voting rights

Donald Trump delivered a stirring address Tuesday to the Senate Judiciary committee, defending his immigration plan and slamming the GOP for the deaths of nine black people during police violence in Baltimore.

Trump, who is set to address the panel on Thursday, has faced criticism for not doing more to address police killings in the U.S. and for his recent comments that have caused outrage.

He also made a plea to Democrats to support his plan to end the “DREAM Act” that allows young immigrants brought to the U, many of them undocumented, to live and work in the country legally.

Trump said during the hearing that the deaths in Baltimore and other cities have “embarrassed” the country and that he hopes the U!s focus will be on those who are not in the law, not those who break it.

“The death of an African American man in Baltimore is an insult to the lives of all Americans.

And it is an embarrassment to the great people of our country,” he said.

“It is a disgrace that these deaths continue to be allowed to continue to take place, especially in a place that is so safe, so peaceful, and yet our nation continues to lose so many young African American men and women.”

The U.N. human rights council has said the deaths were a direct result of police violence against African Americans, and the Trump administration has argued that the killings are not a reflection of the city’s violent criminal element.

In his speech, Trump said that his administration has been trying to do what’s right since the early days of his administration, but that he knows there are some who don’t want to hear it.

“I’m sorry that we can’t solve the problem with our immigration policies, or with our security, or our police.

I’m sorry, but we can,” Trump said.

But he did not directly address his Democratic opponents.

“I’ve been very careful about saying I support comprehensive immigration reform, and I support people coming in who have the right to come here,” Trump told the lawmakers.

“But I also want to know what our policies are.

And I want to make sure we’re keeping our borders secure.

And we’re going to be working to make it so.”

The House passed a measure earlier this month that would suspend the law’s protections for DREAMers.

But the Senate passed the bill without a single Democrat voting for it.

Trump has been criticized for his comments and his plan, which he said he would support with the support of the “conservative wing” of the GOP.

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