When is Google Home coming to your home? We’ll find out soon

When is Google Home coming to your home? We’ll find out soon

Google’s Home will be coming to smart speakers this year.

The search giant will announce its Home Mini on November 4.

This is the same day as the announcement of the Google Home 4K.

Google will also release a version of its Home with the speaker, which is expected to be called the Home Mini 4K .

We’ll know for sure by early November.

Google Home has always been the home speaker of choice for Apple users.

In fact, Apple introduced its first Home speaker in 2016, the Apple Cinema Stick.

However, the company has never announced a Home speaker.

Apple has long kept mum on Home speaker pricing, but Apple has announced that the $349 Home Mini will be available in March.

In addition to the Home speaker, Google Home will also have an optional Alexa assistant.

This means you can ask your Echo to perform simple tasks like reading your news, listening to music, or reading a document.

Google has also been working on an Android app to make it easier to control Google Home, and there are plans for an Android-powered Android app for Google Home.

Google Home speakers are expected to cost about $500.

The Home Mini, though, will cost about a half-million dollars, which would make it the most expensive home speaker on the market.

It is not the first time Google has launched a smart speaker.

The company has already announced the Google Pixel, a $299 device with a built-in speaker.

There is also a $179 Google Pixel XL smart speaker that is expected in the next few months.

Apple is expected make a smart speakers competitor to Google Home in the future.

Google is also working on its own smart speaker, dubbed the Google Assistant.

Google’s Assistant is a voice assistant that can be used in conjunction with the Google Play Music app to control a range of music services.

It is also expected to have a dedicated home speaker.

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