How to stream your favorite music from your iPhone or iPad on the go

How to stream your favorite music from your iPhone or iPad on the go

You can now stream music from any iPhone or tablet on your home network, just as you would on a mobile device.

That’s because Apple has released a new version of its Music app for iOS, the latest update of which will be released next week.

The new Music app brings the functionality of the previous iOS Music app to the iPhone and iPad, allowing users to stream music in the background, even while they’re asleep.

While Apple has only released a small number of iOS 10 apps for iPhones and iPads, the iOS 10.3.3 update brings a number of new features to the table, including new integration with Siri and the ability to pause and resume playback from the iPhone’s camera roll, among other features. 

Here’s how to download the iOS Music update and use it on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.1.

Go to Settings2.

Tap Music3.

Tap the “New” button at the top of the screen, and tap “Music”4.

Tap “Music on Home”5.

Tap Play6.

Tap your iPhone’s music player from the list below7.

Tap on the app icon in the bottom-right corner8.

Tap Edit9.

Tap New10.

Tap Browse11.

Tap Your iTunes music library12.

Tap Any music you want to listen to from your Apple Music account13.

Tap Next14.

Tap More songs and artists to play15.

Tap Continue16.

Tap Restart17.

Tap Done19.

Tap SaveChanges from the “Music Library” tab.

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