‘Praying in Hindi’ is ‘a very, very hard task’

‘Praying in Hindi’ is ‘a very, very hard task’

The words “Pray in Hindi” and “Vayyar” are spoken by the devotees at a shrine called the Kashi Vishwamitra in the city of Kolkata, and are often invoked in a prayer to the Lord of the Universe.

The word “Gurukulam” (God) is pronounced with a slight pause.

And that is not the only thing about the words that have drawn pilgrims to the shrine.

They have also been known to say “Jayah-i-bhat” (We are in heaven).

In other words, the words “Bhagat” (Lord) and “Bhat” are both pronounced with pauses and a short pause.

The words “Kashi Vishwa-Mukhi-Raja” (In the name of God, the Lord) are also pronounced with pause.

In a similar vein, the word “Keshavas” (I seek) is also pronounced without pause.

In all these cases, the devotee is reciting “Bhi Hai Jai Hai” in a very deliberate and deliberate way.

But there are many more variations.

Some of these include saying “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (Allah is my Lord), “Bhaiya Hai Jeyaprakash” (Our Lord is great) and even “Kah-bharat” or “Kaha-Bharata”.

These are all very different and different from one another.

“It is not like a simple prayer that is repeated in Hindi and that is just one word.

The person reciting the words in Hindi is thinking about the Lord and the Lord is thinking in Hindi,” said Dr Sanjay Jha, an associate professor of English and Linguistics at the University of Chicago.

Dr Jha says it is not just a question of language.

The “Kashmiri” or the “Hindu” people, who are the dominant people in India, are also among the most religious people.

They also practice a Hindu belief system called “Darsana”.

The Darsana is a faith in a “divine” deity, which is not something that has been taught in the West.

But the words are very similar in Hindi.

“Vajra”, which means “God”, is pronounced like a prayer, while “Jai” and the “Khi” (Heaven) are both said with pauses.

“Bhujaland”, which is the word for the moon, is pronounced very similarly.

But it is said in Hindi that the moon is a “shakti” (light) and the words for the “Shakti-kala” are “Sattis” (stars).

And the word Bhujali, the moon’s name, is also a Sanskrit word.

So how did the word come to be pronounced in this way?

“I don’t know how, but I think it was an attempt to communicate the meaning of the Lord’s name to a people who do not speak Sanskrit,” said Prof Jha.

This is not to say that the word is in any way religious.

The words are pronounced in a way that is more like a greeting than a prayer.

But in this context, they are very deliberate.

In India, the “Bhangayati Raja” is considered the most revered religious figure, and his name has been spoken with reverence by many people.

The devotees of the Kala Bharati have also adopted his name as their own.

But these people do not have to use the words or words are used to be spoken.

This is because they do not believe that the words should be spoken in the traditional manner, where the devoteee says “Bhaat Mata”.

But in the “Jagr-Bhati” (Prayer in the Name of the Almighty), which is said by all people in the country, they can also use the word.

“The word ‘Bhang’ is a word that is very, many times spoken in Hindi to convey a sense of importance.

And we have heard it said by people in different languages and the same thing happens here.

People in the Hindi community say, ‘Bhangayati’ (Lord is my lord) and they use ‘Bhat’ to indicate that the Lord also exists.

The way we pronounce it is very different.

We use a short and deliberate pause,” said Bimal Bhattacharya, a former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Bhattacharyya is also the former president of the Kerala-based NGO Bharatiyas, and he remembers the days when the “Praja” or words used to say the Lord were spoken in a similar way to the words of a greeting.

“In the early days, we used to hear ‘Bhaath’ (I pray) from

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