Shoalana spoke to the world, but not for me

Shoalana spoke to the world, but not for me

Shoala speaks for the first time since her father died.

The mother-of-four has been in an open coma since February after she suffered a massive brain injury at the age of five.

Now the singer, who has spent the past six months in a coma, has finally been allowed to speak, though she has been under tight wraps since her first public appearance in March.

Shona was speaking in a live studio interview with the BBC, when a question about her condition caught the attention of the BBC.

Shoalane is currently in a private rehabilitation facility in Germany, where she will receive the first of several “battery” sessions that will allow her to recover.

The first one was with Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, the chief neurosurgeon at the hospital where Shona is being treated.

Friedrich said that, since Shona has been unable to communicate, she’s been in a “very good state of mind”.

“There’s a good chance that, if I could ask her a question, she would not answer it,” Friedrich said, noting that Shona could have responded “no” to the question.

“It’s not easy to tell someone that you don’t want to talk, because they think that they’re in a better state of being,” he added.

Fellow presenter Helen Boaden was not at the studio, but she did ask Shona to speak to her daughter, who had just finished the first battery session.

“I hope that this is the first step in getting you to the point where you can talk again, where you’re free to talk,” Boadan said.

Shona’s brother, Sam, has been keeping close tabs on her condition since she first appeared on TV in 2015.

He told CNN that Shoa’s condition is “not something you can predict”.

“I think she’s probably going to live another year,” Sam said.

“I’m really excited to see what happens with this.”

Shona was diagnosed with severe autism in her teens and has since had difficulty communicating.

She had trouble interacting with other children and with family members, and was often “lost” in a world that did not understand her.

Despite the challenges, Shona said she’s “not afraid of dying”.

“It feels like I’m being told I can’t go on anymore,” she said.

“This isn’t just my family anymore.

I have a new family that is going to support me through this and make me feel like a normal person again.”

Even though I’m a lot more afraid than I’ve ever been, I know it’s not going to be an easy process, but I’m going to make it.

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