How to make a blue light speaker

New York magazine is calling the power of the Bluetooth speaker “a very good thing.”It’s just that the blue light is only the tip of the iceberg, says the magazine.Bluetooth speakers, the article argues, are not only more convenient than their Bluetooth counterparts, but also have more advanced technology that makes them more powerful than their traditional counterparts.The Bluetooth speaker […]

How to build an A-List speaker?

I’m a big fan of the KW-3.Its high-end audio is very good.The KW3 is the best speaker I’ve heard to date.Its speaker is also incredibly affordable, at just $699 for a pair of headphones.So, if you want a great-sounding, good-priced speaker, you’ve got to get one.I’ll discuss some of the differences between the KU-3 and the A-Series speakers.The KU3 has […]

Which speaker do you need for your home?

What speaker do I need for my home?The Bluetooth speaker is a necessary component of the home audio ecosystem, but when it comes to speakers, it’s often overlooked.The speaker can be the source of great sound and can help you create a cohesive, coherent listening experience, but it can also lead to bad audio quality.You may want to consider upgrading […]

Trump speaks at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration, voting rights

Donald Trump delivered a stirring address Tuesday to the Senate Judiciary committee, defending his immigration plan and slamming the GOP for the deaths of nine black people during police violence in Baltimore.Trump, who is set to address the panel on Thursday, has faced criticism for not doing more to address police killings in the U.S. and for his recent comments […]

How to avoid being fired over the phone

When you’re an employee, you can use your phone to make phone calls without anyone knowing.In fact, it’s pretty easy to do, even for employees who don’t like it.Here’s how to use your smartphone in a way that is both effective and not so annoying.1.Phone numbers and phone numbers and more phone numbers If you’re not a businessperson, you don’t […]