What you need to know about the new law

What you need to know about the new law

A new law passed by Congress will allow gun owners to keep their weapons for their own protection.

And while the rules will only apply to those with a concealed carry permit, there’s no doubt this new law is about protecting the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, too.

The House voted 219-191 to pass the legislation, which also allows guns in cars, bars bars and schools.

While the Senate passed it on a party-line vote, there were no Democrats in attendance.

The legislation will take effect next month.

“I support this commonsense legislation to ensure that our Second Amendment freedoms are protected,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said.

The new law has the support of more than a dozen gun rights groups.

The National Rifle Association has come out against the legislation and said it could cause more gun violence.

It’s not the first time Congress has passed a law to allow gun ownership.

In January 2016, then-President Barack Obama signed a measure that extended background checks for gun sales.

It was later struck down by the Supreme Court, which ruled that Obama’s executive actions violated the Constitution.

The bill passed the House but stalled in the Senate, where Democrats blocked an amendment from gun rights supporters that would have allowed gun owners with a permit to keep guns in their vehicles.

A bill introduced last year would have banned the sale of semi-automatic rifles to those over the age of 18 and banned the transfer of guns to people younger than 18.

But that bill was not able to make it out of the Senate.

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