Which of the following is the most common way to say ‘I love you’?

Which of the following is the most common way to say ‘I love you’?

This is not a question that any person wants to answer, especially if they have children.

But the question of who the most popular person to say “I love your mother” is for all intents and purposes is an important one, with the answer changing over time.

When asked who they say this to, a whopping 63 percent of people say they do it to their mothers, and 46 percent say they say it to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

“I’m not sure if it’s a big deal, but I guess that’s what it feels like,” said Laura, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job.

“If you’re a guy and your mother is in the house, you’re going to say, ‘I really love you mom,’ and that’s a great way to express your affection.”

Laura said she doesn’t think this is a bad thing.

“It’s a good way to show affection.

It’s not a bad way to start a conversation,” she said.

“Even though it might be awkward and awkward for your mom, it’s okay.”

So what about when someone is really, really, not getting it?

For some people, saying “I don’t love your mom” is a way to vent.

“Sometimes it’s just an excuse,” Laura said.

The problem is that most of us don’t understand what that means, and we don’t want to be judged.

“You know, we think we’re so smart, and all of this stuff we’re learning and all that stuff, but we’re just a little bit dumb,” Laura added.

“So I think the only time I say it is because I think my mom really loves me.

I think I really love her, and I’m not trying to be a bitch or anything.

I mean, that’s all I’m trying to do.

And it’s all in good fun, you know?

And I think it’s an excuse, too.”

That’s a sentiment echoed by many other parents of children with autism, who also said the “I hate your mom line” is just a way for them to vent, and not a serious statement of love.

“When people start to be able to talk to you, to see you as someone they care about, I think that’s great,” said Ashley, who added that she’s never said it to her mother.

“And then if I say something to her, I know that it’s really sincere.

I know she feels the same way, and that makes me feel more comfortable about it.”

So who really is most loved by the people who love them?

The truth is, we’re not entirely sure.

“People are kind of like, ‘Oh, you really love your kids, so it’s OK,'” said Ashley.

“But that doesn’t really explain how we love them.”

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