Why the BBC has the biggest team in the world

Why the BBC has the biggest team in the world

I’m not going to make any sweeping generalisations about the BBC, or the way we do our sport.

But the BBC team has got the biggest, most diverse, best-performing team in world sport.

And it has to work harder and harder to achieve that.

The BBC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is an example of how we build a stronger brand, and the BBC’s approach to delivering news and content is an important benchmark for the rest of the world.

The biggest challenge the BBC faces is that its coverage of politics is increasingly shaped by the voices of those on the margins, which is a challenge the organisation needs to overcome if it is to maintain its standing.

The BBC has long been a pioneer of global digital media, and its coverage is no exception.

The corporation is home to more than 1bn people worldwide, and has more than 4bn daily digital subscribers.

As a consequence, its digital platform is hugely diverse.

But it has been under pressure to improve its digital coverage in recent years, and many in the media industry see this as a problem.

For instance, many commentators have raised concerns about the disproportionate impact of the media coverage of politicians in India, the US, and Australia, while many others have questioned the BBCs coverage of issues like the Ebola outbreak.

So what’s the solution?

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