What to expect when Bose unveils its first wireless speaker unit

What to expect when Bose unveils its first wireless speaker unit

The truck speaker box is here.

It’s called the Bose Wireless Speaker, and it will be available later this year for about $1,500, according to an article by Fox News.

The new speaker, which will feature a 6-inch touch-sensitive touchscreen, is designed for “people who want to connect with the world via wireless,” according to the company.

And it’s a very, very good speaker for what it does, said Todd Moller, Bose’s president of sales and marketing.

“It’s got a touchscreen,” Moller said.

“The buttons, the controls are all on the touchscreen.

It really feels like a smartphone.”

The company is also releasing the Bousen Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Box, which is the “ultimate Bluetooth speaker solution for serious music fans.”

It’s designed for those who want a Bluetooth speaker for a music player, as well as for those that want a music box for an audio device.

“The Bose Bousens Wireless Bluetooth speakers are designed to deliver a high quality sound, comfortable bass, and great connectivity,” said a press release from Bose.

The company says it’s not ready to sell the Bains, but you can pre-order it now for $1.99, with shipping starting in December.

You can order it here.

We’ve reached out to Bose for comment.