Sonos One Speaker review: How does it compare to Apple’s HomePod?

Sonos One Speaker review: How does it compare to Apple’s HomePod?

Apple’s new speaker has been widely criticised by critics, and it appears the company is preparing to make a fresh bid to win back customers who have been turned off by the company’s lacklustre launch.

Sonos is offering a range of new speakers, including a small, low-profile speaker and a full-size speaker that is smaller and thinner than the HomePod.

The new Sonos speaker will cost $399 (£319) and it will be available for pre-order from April 26, with a launch date set for June. 

The company says it has made significant changes to the design of the Sonos speakers and the overall sound quality of the device, but the company says the overall product remains the same.

Sonos also says the Sonus platform is “a key component of the design” of the new speaker.

Sonus’ HomePod was designed to compete with Apple’s own HomePod and Sony’s Xperia Play, both of which have large speakers.

Sonostega has said the Homepod is an improvement on its previous speakers, and the company claims it has “improved the sound quality in all areas of the speaker” from the speaker’s sound to the speaker itself.

Sono said the new Sonus speaker is “designed for sound quality, and not for any particular size”.

Sonos is also claiming it has increased the speaker range on the Home, including its low-end model, which it says “has a smaller footprint and the ability to deliver a wider soundfield” in addition to the high-end models.

Sonoflux Sonos’ latest speaker.

(Photo: Sono)Sonos says the new speakers will “give you a better overall sound, but not necessarily a better speaker quality”. 

In the US, Sonos says it will also offer “a new and improved, lower-profile, full-range, and full-excursion speaker”.

Sono says its speakers are designed to “create a richer sound field and create a more immersive audio experience” and that they “should deliver a deeper bass with a fuller soundstage than other speakers”.

Sonostegas new speaker with an angled design.

(Image: Sonostega)Sonosteres speakers “have a lower bass frequency which makes them suitable for many genres of music and music-related applications”, the company said.

Sonocos’ Sonos-branded speakers have been criticised for the poor sound quality they deliver. 

Sonos’ new Sonostegis speaker has a curved design and is more expensive than other Sonos models.

(Google)Sonoco has been criticised in the past for its speaker quality and the Sonosteas speakers are not known for being as well-designed as others.

The company said the speaker is a “great fit” for music and video players and “will provide an immersive audio-visual experience”.

Sonocop’s Sono speaker. 

(Image: Sony)Sonofluk’s Sonostech speaker.

Sonofluks new Sonocos-designed speaker.

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