Pyle bluethrower speakers get new name

Pyle bluethrower speakers get new name

A new speaker called the Pyle BluePulse Bluetooth speaker, will be unveiled on Thursday.

It will feature a Pyle speaker box, with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Pyle has been developing its Bluetooth speakers for several years, with a number of products that have been released to date.

“It is great to finally unveil the Pyles Bluetooth speaker,” Pyle’s chief marketing officer, Dave Young, said in a statement.

“The Pyle Bluetooth speakers are the world’s first Bluetooth speaker that has the ability to pair to a smartphone.

It’s a wireless speaker with Bluetooth technology, that can pair to any device that has Bluetooth connectivity, including your smartphone.

The Pylers new product is an expansion on the company’s existing Bluetooth speaker line, with the aim of bringing the technology to a wider audience.”

This new Bluetooth speaker is a true wireless speaker that can be used with almost any device, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, without any special hardware,” Young said.

The speakers have been designed by the company to have a range of up to 30 metres, and will be powered by a microUSB charging port.

The speaker box is designed to be easy to carry around, and has an integrated microphone, which will help make listening fun.

Pylers Bluetooth speakers will come with a charging port on one end and a microphone on the other.

It has a Bluetooth 4-compatible USB port, which can be plugged into a standard USB port.

Pyles speaker box will also have a USB charging port, a microphone, and a battery to make charging easier.

The company is also adding a microSD card slot, so that users can store and stream content from smartphones and tablets.

Pyrrha Pyle, the company behind the speakers, said it was able to bring the speakers to market thanks to a number the technology.”

With Bluetooth, the user can control a speaker in any room with the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, while maintaining the functionality of the Bluetooth speaker itself,” Pyler’s Pyle president, Dave Waddell, said.”

Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible for you to listen to music from your smartphone or a tablet or use it as a remote control.

“The company also has a new wireless speaker, called the Bluetooth BluePowered Speaker.

Pymers new Bluetooth Blue powered speaker will be released in September.

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