Bose, Wireless Speaker to Bring Its ‘VoiceBubble’ To Apple Watch

Bose, Wireless Speaker to Bring Its ‘VoiceBubble’ To Apple Watch

On Thursday, Bose announced that it has acquired a major player in the wireless speaker market with the acquisition of the $1 billion company Bose Technologies.

The acquisition, which includes its $1.1 billion acquisition of speaker maker AudioTechnica, comes after years of competition with other wireless speakers on the market, including Samsung and Amazon, according to Bloomberg.

Bose says that it will invest in new products for the Apple Watch, including a speaker called the Bose Bamboo Wireless Speaker.

The company said that the Bamboo speaker will be able to “offer customers the ability to deliver a high-quality sound to a wider range of music genres.”

Bose said that it plans to make the BumbleBee wireless speaker the company’s “most compelling speaker yet.”

The company announced in November that it had reached an agreement with Apple for the first time to sell the Apple watch with Bose products, including the BOSE Bamboo Speaker.

That deal, which came with a $1,000 discount, included the company offering a new Apple Watch Series 4 model, a Bluetooth speaker with a Bose design, and an optional Bose Bluetooth Smart speaker with an integrated Bose mic.

Apple has already announced that the new Apple watch will feature a BOSE-designed speaker with its own audio design.

BOSE is also working on a speaker with the Apple iPhone.

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